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15 DIY Dog Costume Ideas For Your Puppy

By John DoeLast update: 2023-09-10

Having a puppy is now not rare among households and individuals. People can adopt dogs for their cuteness, loyalty, and beauty. You will easily catch sight of beautiful dog breeds anywhere. The most commonly adopted dog breeds are Pit Bull, Boxer, Chihuahua, and Dachshund. Whatever dog breed you adopt, you would spend all the love and attention. Pet parents are the worst spoilers.

Speaking of pet spoiling, making customs for your puppy is one way. There are plenty of ideas to try. We have collected a sum and cannot wait to tell our audience. The upcoming lines are the list of 15 DIY dog costume ideas for puppy parents.

1. Witch Custom

Although Halloween has passed, making a cute witchy hat for your dog is never too late. For witch hats, you should use soft materials, including wool. A black witch hat on your dog is going to make the most adorable pictures ever.

A perfect witchy look on your dog will make anyone go "aww". A hat going with a long coat and a pumpkin is a fulfilling combination. The materials are easy to prepare because you can make use of your old clothes.

2. The "Typical Blonde Girl"

It is that custom that would make the crowd go crazy. If a witchy look is so familiar that you don't want to do it again, let's head straight to the "typical blonde girl" one. It is very simple to make as it looks. All you need is an imitated hair and a pink pair of glasses. The typical blonde girl as we call it can also be a nice Halloween idea for the parents.

3. The Easter Bunny Look

Bunnies symbolize cuteness and innocence. The Easter Bunny has long been a festival icon in many countries. An Easter bunny costume with long ears and colorful eggs will no doubt look so adorable on any puppy. The tails can be a small hat to prevent your dog from getting cold during this winter. Besides, if you want to simplify things, a bunny custom without the easter eggs is fine.

4. Finding Nemo

Creating a coral with vivid orange and white fins will make your dog stand out from the crowd. The idea was inspired by the movie "Finding Nemo". The coral reefs were Nemo's home. This will not only excite you but also your kids if you've got a family. Customs are getting more creative each day.

5. Wonder Woman

This custom looks so easy to make. You need old shirts or any item that can do compatible colors as the description. Then let the scissor and sewing machine do the work. If you haven/t got a sewing machine, some manual work is fine. This Wonder Woman custom does not take much time and effort to make. In case you want it to be more "real", why not spend some more time?

6. Beauty And The Beast

Another movie-inspired custom on the list is "Beauty and the beast". The air has been filled with cuteness. This custom is an interesting experience to try. You can be beautiful or vice versa. You two will make a great couple in the "Beauty and the beast" custom. You can try this at any time. Or you can do it in a disguising competition.

7. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter world is famous all over the world. People disguise themselves as Harry Potter characters every Halloween. The fantasy world can become your reality. A custom in the Harry Potter vibe for your dog is not difficult to make at all. Try to use a scarf and glasses as the picture describes. The cuteness is overload.

8. The Little Red Riding Hood

The eighth custom on our list will be perfect for your dog and kids. Your pet can be the grandma in the story of the Little red riding hood. A light hat, a pair of glasses, and an old piece of clothes or a light white dress are everything you need to make this custom.

9. The Nun

How incredible that even horror movie characters can come into real life? The Nun custom is so adorable, and it chases the feeling of scaring away. The conventional version is in black and white. However, if you have a better idea, we are looking forward to it.

10. Ghost Custom


"Why not?" is the exact term we put on the ghost custom. It looks funny, cute, and easy to make. Your little buddy can wear the ghost custom made of any type of white cloth. It should be soft. Some parents even turn their toilet paper into a ghost custom. At that point, we cannot decide whether to call their puppies ghosts or a mummy. But whatever name we call it, the dogs just look so sweet in this custom.

11. Dracula - The Vampire

Something evil is coming to town. A vampire with his dark coat shall go through all villages and load them with his sweetness these days. Dogs are surprisingly lovable in any custom. So far we have figured out 11 disguising ideas but can't decide which one is the best.

12. The Dog Thief

If you are looking for something that cannot be more simple and funny, here is your dog’s custom. What if we step out of the magic and try something more "realistic"? We got it here, the dog thief, who will steal all hearts it meets. You can make the dog thief custom out of a black sock. The dog thief meme has also gone viral on the internet.

13. A Real-life Princess

How about a princess? She is charismatic, sweet, and girly. We would recommend this for the girls. A princess dress can be either simple or sophisticated. It depends on the parents. For the dress, a little time investment would make the magic.

14. An Ice Cream

A dog mom turned her golden retriever into ice cream. The materials used are all paper. With a little drawing and coloring, there we go a perfect golden ice cream. An ice cream custom on that innocent face, what a heart-melting dog!

15. A Flower

In this picture, we have a sunflower. A flower custom is a fun idea for summer days or photoshoots. This is often made with old clothes or carton sheets. A carton-made flower will be more flexible in terms of coloring, while a cloth one is more comfortable to wear.


As we have said, dogs' cuteness when wearing customs is immeasurable. Though you have inked through our 15 ideas for dog customs, we believe that you have yet to find which one looks best on your puppy. For photoshoots, we would suggest Finding Nemo and Beauty and The Beast. For the upcoming Christmas, we think you should make your dog a vivid flower. A Santa will also be great to try.

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