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Benefits Of Dog Sleeping In Crate

By John DoeLast update: 2023-09-23

You are probably familiar with concepts such as dog crates or cages. But as a pawrent, do you know what the benefits of a dog sleeping in a crate are? Some would say yes, and others may give a no.

Whatever the story we have got here, let's talk further about this topic and discover the advantages when you let your puppy sleep in a crate. This can be a helpful topic for all dog owners out there.

It is now the time to kick off this discussion!

What Is A Crate?

A dog crate is another name for a cage. If you ask why you say crate instead of a cage in the first place, here is the answer. A cage sounds pretty much barbaric, and some pet owners just don't feel comfortable with that name. Hence, they would prefer crate to cage. Basically, they indicate the same item with the same functions.

So what does a crate do? A crate is simply a place providing your dog with safety and comfort. Also, it will prevent any destructive behavior and help a lot while you train your puppy. Overall, if you are a soon-to-be or have just adopted a puppy, it is advisable to buy a crate as one of the essential items.

More about dog crates

Dog crates are comparatively easy to find and purchase online or offline. They are usually from iron, which is powder coated to prevent any sign of rusting and other relevant dangers.

Speaking of its price, you can purchase one for 20 dollars or even less, based on the size of your dog. Bigger crates or more solid ones can cost you more, which may go up to 70 dollars for one piece.

7 Benefits of Dog Sleeping in Crate

Here is our main section in this article. The name that has already spoken for itself. This upcoming part is fully devoted to listing out and explaining detailedly the 7 benefits of dogs sleeping in crates. Let's wait no more and dig right into it!

Creates a safe place for dogs

When your puppy falls asleep, it is likely to find "safe spots". Safe spots mean that no one or thing will trigger the dog while he or she sleeps. The longer you raise a puppy, the more you will realize that the safe spot is not only his or her destination at the end of the day but any moment given.

Adding to this, a crate, which your dog considers a safe place will help it to get more quality sleep with no unnecessary stress or worry about its surroundings. As a pet owner, it should not come as a surprise to know how easily dogs get up from their sleep. A chaotic environment with no crate does not seem so ideal to put your loyal friend to sleep at night.

Helps with potty training with puppies

Potty training is certainly one of the crucial tasks for any pawrent. Usually, when a puppy is 2 to 4 months old, he or she can't possibly know how to do the "potty" properly. Besides, the training might take you a few weeks to months, based on many factors.

To conduct a potty training session correctly, get your dog a crate with a potty pan right below. The crate will then be responsible for teaching the puppy how to hold it in. During the day, take your dog out every 1 or 2 hours. That's how potty training goes.

Over time, your dog will learn the routine and no longer do the potty in the crate. Talking more about this, dogs instinctively want to keep their sleeping place clean. They don't dump in the crate or bed as they get older. Take advantage of this feature, and teach your dog to go potty in the right spot.

Keeps dogs from wandering at night

Curious dogs will always wander at any time during the day, even when it is their bedtime. If that's the case, what will prevent them from wandering around the house? You clearly cannot stay up all night long just to make sure your dog stays where he or she should be.

That's why buying a crate is the right choice. The crate, on the first hand, keeps the curious dogs where they should be at night. Secondly, who can ensure that your dog is safe when wandering at night with no observation? Not only can the dog confront fatal situations, but also trigger the owner's safety. Hence, you have one more reason to let your puppy sleep in a crate.

Trains the dog to be more patient and calm

Strange as it can appear, crates help your dogs to stay calm and train their patience. It is not an odd concept for both dog owners and professional trainers to put puppies in a crate when they first arrive at new homes. Even for mature dogs, putting them in a crate still works like a charm.

To train your dog to be more patient and calm, it is imperative to let them understand that freedom is a privilege, and they will get that precious wish when they stay calm. No barking should be compromised.

Don't let the dog out when they appear to be eager and keep barking. Once you let them out and wander around the house, they learn that they get everything they want by barking so loudly. It should be vice versa. They can come out and play when they learn to be patient and calm.

Makes an ideal place for rescued dogs

Rescued dogs are defensive. They may go through emotional and physical traumas. It is okay for them to put on high guards. You should not force them to lower their guards down either. It may just keep them more defensive and increase the existing tension.

For rescued dogs, having a crate for them to sleep in at night can help to calm them down. They need a safe spot with no one or thing coming close. They just feel safer that way simply. This will also reduce their stress and fear.

When treating a rescued dog, you need to do some other tasks to make them more comfortable. It may take some time for a rescued dog to calm down, but that is all necessary.

Reduces the additional stress in later life

Your dog will get to a point where it is old and has some health issues. That's an absolute norm in a lifetime. But if he or she already gets used to having to deal with no crates, being put into one is likely to trigger worry, fear, and tension. It is exactly why we suggest letting your dog be familiar with a crate in its early lifetimes. It does not seem to be a big deal at first, but why skip a little preparation for later days?

Makes it easier to transport dogs to vet appointments

Speaking more about health issues, it is unavoidable to make vet appointments whether it is an annual checkup or not. It will be easy to transport your dog to the vet's clinic when it can walk or not have serious conditions. However, it is quite difficult in the opposite case, especially for large dogs. In those situations, having a crate will help. It is possible to transport the dog even in its sleep.

It's A Wrap!

It is everything we have got for the benefits of a dog sleeping in a crate. The crate benefits pretty much stand out from the physical costs to purchase one. Our experts believe that no matter what kind of dog you raise or how old it is, having a crate in the house is essential. It is needed for early and later periods in life. Hopefully, the topic of dog crates' benefits is helpful to all parents out there!

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