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Different Types Of Bird Houses

By John DoeLast update: 2023-02-25

Are you interested in having a birdhouse just for decoration, or you just want to attract certain types of birds.

If you want to attract a particular species, you will, in most cases, need to build or purchase a birdhouse that is appropriate for your purposes. Birdhouses are all square or rectangular and have entry holes, keeping in mind the size of the box and the size of the entry hole will attract certain species. Let's explore some different types of bird houses with us.

1. Orientation

Post mounted

This means a pole-mounted or free-standing aviary that includes an aviary in your yard, even if you don't have a lot of trees or fences to accommodate a new aviary. Since these aviaries are usually very high in the air once they're mounted, there's a system in place that allows you to lower them to a pole so you can check for eggs and clear out old nests, if needed. Or if you don't intend to buy an aviary with this feature, then you will have to use a ladder to clear the nest every season.

Wall Mounted

If your yard has a lot of trees and fences in the yard then you can install an aviary, then the wall mounted option would be a great choice. They usually have a small hole or hook in the back through which a nail you've driven into a tree or fence can be driven. Besides it is easy to lift down for you to look inside the nest or dump out in the fall, and is placed at different heights in the yard, for an attractive and interesting view.


Hanging bird cages is very popular because it can be hung not only from trees but also from the roof overhanging your front porch. This attracts more birds to your home. However, make sure that the material used to hang the new birdhouse is sturdy, as natural fibers can tend to rot over time, putting birds at risk. You should make sure that you check the condition of the hanging material every year before the swiftlets nest in the cage. Additionally, there are some who replace any natural fiber with a metal piece as it will not break during nesting season.

2. Styles

Martin's Purple

Unlike many other types of birds, which prefer to nest in flocks. For these birds, aviaries with a minimum of four entries and niches are the priority. Make sure the house can be lowered and raised easily so it can clear the nest from competing birds.

Span the aviary 12 to 18 feet high, as this will reduce the chance that predators can kill the young. Also, the entry holes are usually 2 1/8 inch in diameter and need to be positioned so that the bottom of the whole is flush with the compartment floor.


Owners must spend a lot of time attracting this bird. Bluebirds need a safe place to nest there. An important feature is that the entry hole is 1 ½ inch in diameter, large enough for these birds to enter but small enough to keep out other birds and predators.

Usually the entrance to the aviary should be 6 to 10 inches above the floor of the aviary, ensuring that the chicks cannot accidentally fall out of the hole and that predators cannot easily reach.

The ideal floor space in a bluebird house is 5 x 5 inches, allowing enough room for all the chicks to be scattered, and at the same time, being close enough together so they don't get cold. Make sure the house is 8 to 12 inches tall, has a pitched roof for shade, covers the entrance, and is positioned correctly in your yard for the birds to use.


Usually nests in holes, nests in an existing aviary. The entry hole needs to be four inches wide and three inches high, 20 inches above the floor, and the entire house needs to be three to five feet above the water or twelve to forty meters high on a nearby tree.


You can easily see if there are owls in the cage or not because when they perch at the entrance of the house around sunset time. Make sure to house the owls on a tree trunk in a clump of mature trees so that the owls feel safe enough to nest in the aviary. You can easily use the birdhouse as you would a wooden duck to lure owls into the backyard. The main difference is that the wood duck prefers to be near the water and the owl prefers to be further away in the woods.

Wren / Chickadee

Nightingales and nightingales will both use the aviary, as long as it is placed in a safe place so that the birds do not feel danger. The hole is small compared to the hole in other birdhouses and should be 1/4 inch in diameter and 6 inches above the floor. Make sure the birdhouse is placed 4 to 8 feet high on a tree located in a small bush.

Having plenty of trees around will ensure smaller birds feel safe in and out of the cage and will help encourage them to nest here.

3. Entries


There will be many types of birds that are very territorial, and using an aviary with only one bird is the best idea for them. They come in a variety of styles and shapes, but with only a single entrance, this type of cage will be able to house a family of birds per nesting season.


Unlike the above, this birdhouse is more community oriented and works well in an aviary with multiple entries. When you want to provide nesting space for multiple bird families without setting up multiple birdhouses around the yard, this is a great solution that allows multiple bird families to nest at the same time and in the same surrounding location. .

But they are often much more expensive than those designed for single bird families.

4. Material


Primarily made of stoneware, ceramic birdhouses are created from clay that has been fired and glazed. They are often fired at very high temperatures. It helps to minimize the possibility of water seeping through the outside of the aviary and into the nest, ensuring the aviary can withstand the harsh elements.

However, they can crack if left out in extreme cold, and fail if you are subjected to extreme temperature changes where you live or are subject to strong impact. Please put this type of cage in the winter so that they do not get damaged by leaving them outdoors.


The appearance of this type of cage when made from plastic will be the same as other materials. With the convenience of saving money when shopping for a birdhouse. Plastic is actually not as durable or practical as other materials, and so it may be necessary to replace the plastic birdhouse frequently as it can crack and break from the cold or something hitting the aviary. These birdhouses are all lightweight.


This is a common material used to create birdhouses. For natural wood, not only is it a good insulator that is resistant to the effects of too high temperature, but the wood is also very durable and breathable.

Wood surfaces will be attractive when painted in bright colors for the aviary, but it is best to avoid doing so as this often attracts unwanted attention to the aviary and can lead to dangerous chemicals near the eggs and developing chicks.

Note, squirrels can gnaw on wood on their own and widen the hole that birds use to enter.


Metal bird houses are attractive to look at and add a delightful rustic feel to the yard, but it is important to carefully consider the type of metal that is being planned for the birdhouse, as well as the location of the house. . Since metal is the sun that can heat these aviaries to extremely high temperatures, which can kill the birds inside. In addition, metal is reflective, more likely to attract predators to nest.


With durable endurance for a long time. They can withstand temperature changes without damage, and are so lightweight that they can usually be hung anywhere without worry. You can confidently mold and color to look like different materials,


While this isn't as popular as other materials, fabric is still a viable option, depending on the type of bird you keep and where you plan to hang the aviary. However, you need to hang them in a place where they will be protected from the elements. And you can hang it on the porch so it's protected by a roof, still some birds don't usually want to come near this house. Because fabric bird houses are often used mainly for decoration rather than as a habitat for birds.


Although the appearance is not eye-catching because they are made from natural and dried fruits. But gourd aviaries typically have a higher occupancy rate than other types of aviaries and attract birds significantly faster once you've placed them in your yard.

Additionally, it provides thermal insulation. When purple wasps nest in greenhouses with gourds, many studies have demonstrated that the reproductive stage is highly successful with nesting in wood or aluminum houses.

5. Features

Post included

If you have a free-standing aviary in your yard and need to place it on a pole, one with a pole attachment is a good choice. And it's easy to install the aviary right away with very little effort and starts attracting birds to the yard right away.


You can assemble it yourself or chonk existing ones to save time on assembly. Additionally, this reduces the need to have specific tools on hand to get the job done.

Draining hole

During heavy rainstorms, water will overflow into the birdhouse. For this reason, it is advisable to look for an aviary with drainage holes. Not only does it make it easier for water to drain out of the house so that nests, eggs, and chicks don't get submerged in the water. But being in a damp or humid aviary can be very dangerous for young birds.

Ventilation holes

Not all birdhouses have ventilation holes, when the temperature is too high it can be very suffocating and dangerous for the birds. This is why you should buy an aviary with this feature.

Roof Overhang

Some birds often sit in the hole of the aviary or on a peg just outside the hole so that they can survey the territory and make sure they are not in danger. When choosing a birdhouse with a roof overhang, provide the bird family with a safe and dry place to sit under.

Solid wood

As mentioned above, wood is a great material for birdhouses, so buying one made of solid wood is a great idea. You will take advantage of all the benefits of wood, it lasts for a very long time.

When you buy a solid wood birdhouse, it's important that you end up spending more money than if you were to buy a cage made of other materials.

Removable Clean Out panel

Every fall, clean out the birdhouse and make sure all the clutter isn't left behind. In early spring, they will have a clean nesting box. To make this process easy, you should choose an aviary with a removable control panel for easy access and cleaning of the aviary.


This type you can easily buy on commercial sites. But you need to be prepared to spend a little more on this type of birdhouse, in terms of safety and durability that can last a long time.


We have shared some of the different types of bird houses above. Depending on your preferences, bird species, materials, location of your bird house and even your budget, you will be able to choose a suitable bird house.

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