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Different Types Of Cats And Their Personalities

By Jane SmithLast update: 2024-05-23

Have you known that different cats have very distinguished personalities? Your fellow can either be loving and gentle or playful as you approach. The fact, which is that cat breeding has an impact on the kitty's habits and ways of expressing its needs or wants, does not come as a strange concept at all, not for veterinarians at least. So, why don't we discuss the topic further right in the sections below?

In the following article, you are about to discover:

  • Factors contributing to feline personality
  • Several cat breeds and their natural traits (relating to their personalities)

Let's now get the ball rolling!

What Forms A Cat's Personality?

As a pawrent, you must be eager to know what factors influence your little mate's personality in later life. According to what we have researched, there can be 7 contributors to a mature cat's personality. They are:

Breeding differences

Breeding is surely a huge factor to mention since each cat breed will develop a certain genetic complex. This is proven to affect not only their appearance but also their life approach, personality, and future behavior tendencies. Different types of cats and their personalities will come into more detail in the following sections.

Early socialization

The next contributor to a mature feline is early life socialization. The process is responsible for up to 70% of either negative or positive trait development. This is pretty much a game-changer for a kitty or puppy. Kittens should get their socialization at the age of 3 to 8 weeks old. The late life socialization for a kitty is 9 to 16 weeks old.


Let's put the term "Phenotypes" this way: it describes the physical traits that are "seen" in your cat. So how can "Phenotypes" ever affect the cat's personality? The biggest rationale behind it refers to "Domestication syndrome". The prolonged process of domestication definitely has changed some inheritance of cats, and other species as well. It is no coincidence or odd notion. Domestication simply puts what become compatible in the right places. The case does not exclude our adorable fellows.

Paternal and maternal inheritance

Strange as it sounds, parental inheritance can affect a kitty's later personality. The nature of a cat may be heavily impacted by its childhood patterns, which involve both paternal and maternal inheritance. The table turns in different ways when the cat is loved or neglected by their parents in early life.

Neurological activities

There have been numerous surveys and research papers about how neurological activities can impact cats' personalities. This is pretty much a factor staying out of your control or almost anyone else.

Coping styles

Cats, like humans, don't like stress at all. As a matter of fact, the way your kitty copes with stress can say something about its personality. Hence, if you'd like to see some of its traits, observe the way your mate deals with stressful situations whenever it happens. However, always keep in mind that proving a peaceful and calming living environment is the best for any pet.

Living environment

The living environment affecting cats' personalities is quite evident, and should you be a parent for a while, you surely witness the statement. As mentioned, we highly recommend pet owners provide their mates with a calming and loving living environment. If the cat is not overwhelmed, it is more likely to express its emotions more easily, and early life socialization takes place more smoothly.

12+ Different Types of Cats And Their Personalities

Let's discuss the major part - different cat breeds and their traits. We would love to introduce to you the most adventurous kittens to the most relaxed ones. Why don't we take a deeper glance just now?

Most adventurous cat breeds

Here is a list of the 6 most playful cats, some of these fellows may get aggressive when they play too hard!


For many pet owners, especially the first-hand ones, Bengal is a bit overwhelming. Some even assume that Bengal is wild but pretending to be a domestic cat. However, this is truly far from the truth. Despite Bengal's physical features, they are sweet and loving. They are the most active and playful cats that love spending time with their owners. The best owners for Bengal would be someone who is energetic and has a lot of time for their cute pals.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex is the next active and dynamic cat breed that every parent adores. This little fellow usually entertains his or her parents by giving them charming playtime and perhaps some tricks, if you ever provide lessons. Nonetheless, the most appreciated feature of Devon Rex is its loyalty.


Ragdoll is a beautiful cat breed with aqua-blue eyes and a fluffy coat. The price for a Ragdoll is pretty high if you ask us. Talking about her personality, we must say this cat breed has a puppy devotion to its owners. They are playful, unlike some assumptions. But when the time comes, these ragdolls can be very calming and gentle. Hence, it is not surprising as you see so many people going crazy about Ragdolls.


Abyssinian has a sporty and dynamic look, which is completely perfect for energy and playfulness. This is a highly active cat breed, needing a lot of playing hours and attention. That's why it is recommended for pet owners who share the same traits.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Here is another charming and stunning cat breed. The Norwegian Forest cats are adored for their beautiful green eyes and thick dense colorful coats. These cats are one of the most intelligent cats with pure loving hearts. In addition, they are dynamic, enjoy lots of playing time, and muchly lovable.


Siamese cats are popular domestic pets in many countries. They are playful, loving and charming. These little mates can be independent when it is necessary, and vice versa. The reason why people fall in love with them lies both in their traits (as mentioned) and appearance, particularly their vivid blue eyes and soft white coats.

Most calming breeds

Why don't we go on with the 6 most relaxing cat breeds now?

British Shorthair

This is one popular cat breed all over the world. British shorthair is famous for its chubby cheeks, great health conditions, and pretty blue-gray coats. The British shorthair is loved for its curious nature, intelligence, and calmingness. In general, British shorthair cats are wonderful to accompany.

American Shorthair

If you fall in love with the British shorthair, you will probably go for the American shorthair as well. The physical traits are not different from each other so much, if not saying familiar. The main personality traits of American shorthair would be relaxation, quietness, and gentleness. They are adorable and highly relaxing cats to have around. They are also good listeners if you ever wonder.


Himalayan cats are not so great pets to have in a house filled with children since they enjoy the peaceful and quiet environment. Therefore, if you are in a house with kids, the Himalayan is not your best choice. However, they are amazing to be senior accompany.

Turkish Van

Turkish Van cats are naturally intelligent and attention-requiring, but very calming. Their wisdom shows as early as they reach 2 months old. They are curious but not loud. Besides, these kittens are very loyal to their owners, making them a great pal to have in the house.

Maine Coon

Intelligent, goofy, and relaxing are all the terms to describe Maine Coon. if you ever have a Maine Coon, you must be familiar with their dog-like traits, including friendliness and its big living heart. The breed is highly loyal and obedient to its owners. Therefore, it is not wrong to say Maine Coon is an incredible creature to be made.

Scottish Fold

Last but not least, we must mention the Scottish Fold cats. Their folding ears surely have some charm to cast on pet owners. Nevertheless, appearance is not the only factor that attracts a parent when they first meet. It is the Scottish Fold loving and patient nature. These cats are also curious about their surroundings.


Have you figured out what cats have the best personality traits that fit you? It is crucial to know what cat is compatible with your personality and behavior tendencies, as well as your living environment. But whatever cat you might choose, keep in mind that love, caring, and gentleness are all vital for any pet.

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