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Different Types Of Dog Coughs

By John DoeLast update: 2023-09-14

Some healthy dogs will not often suffer from dog cough due to many external and internal factors thanks to a good immune system.

But once your dog's cough becomes persistent or recurrent, it could be a sign of a serious illness. This requires you not only to understand the type of dog cough but also to recognize the common causes of cough for prompt emergency care.

Below are the different types of dog coughs and common treatments you should be concerned about.

1. Types of dog coughs

Pay attention to the type of cough your dog is exhibiting. By recording the specific sound of your dog's cough, this will gauge if your dog is in an emergency.

Also, do veterinarians recommend observing how often the cough occurs and when it occurs? See the tendency to cough when lying in a certain position? Does exercise aggravate a dog's cough?

In particular, based on the different types of coughs dogs make and the sounds they make are associated with different health problems.

Dry cough (foreign body in the neck)

A dry cough sounds like a dog trying to get something out of its throat or mouth. Some symptoms of a dry cough such as kennel cough, an infectious respiratory disease in dogs, are often acquired in places where dogs gather.

Dry cough (deep cough)

A dry, deep cough like the crowing of a cock can be a symptom of a kennel cough, which is an illness that can be caused by certain bacteria or viruses. The sound of crowing is one of the signs to recognize a collapsed trachea.

Dry cough (sputum)

A dry cough, sputum production, and a wet sound are signs of flu or pneumonia. If your dog is gargling or coughing with phlegm, this indicates the dog's lower airways (or lungs). When you hear this cough, take your dog to the doctor immediately.


A high-pitched, dog-like cough is also a symptom of a sore throat or irritation or blockage of other upper airways.

Cough at night

Your dog's only cough that occurs at night or they are asleep could indicate a serious underlying health condition. It is necessary to notify the veterinarian.

2. Causing dog coat

Kennel cough

Also known as deep cough and dog squeal. Kennel coughs are contagious, but they're not serious anyway if your dog is eating well and doing well. They might feel better in a week or more. You also don't need antibiotics or cough suppressants for your dog.

Fungal infection of dog cough

Often coughs will appear in pets due to yeast and other fungi, this is infected by contamination in dirt or through the air.

Heartworms of dog cough

Usually appears when mosquitos spread this disease. However, you do not need to worry too much, so monthly medication or a shot for 6 or 12 months can prevent this disease. This type of treatment is difficult and expensive.

Distemper of dog cough

Regarding the virus spreading in the air. When it comes to viruses, you think it's serious because of the hidden existence but can still be prevented with a vaccine.

Heart disease