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Different Types Of Dog Leashes

By John DoeLast update: 2024-06-18

For everyday activities including walking or exercising, almost any leash is suitable. If your pet is struggling with a certain behavior or you want to train a specific skill, it's important to choose and understand different types of dog leashes.

Currently, on the market there are many types of lengths, widths and designs. For a leash available to suit every breed and temperament, and a multitude of applications in daily life and training.

In general, dog leashes have the primary purpose of keeping dogs safe and controlled when out in public or to aid in training. The article below will answer all the factors you need to consider when choosing different types of dog leashes.

1. Types of dog leashes

Basic dog leashes

It is popular for daily walking and basic training.

It is mainly made of Nylon or leather, although other materials such as cotton and rubber have the disadvantage that they are not as durable and therefore are less popular among users.

Usually the nylon material and leather are both tough enough to hold an adult dog, but light enough to be used by a puppy.

Usually the leashes are 4 to 8 feet in length with 6 feet being the most commonly used. And these lengths allow plenty of space for freedom of movement and are short enough for the owner to have complete control over the dog. In particular, we recommend the 6-foot leather chain for everyday use.

Retractable dog leashes

A retractable leash that allows the length of the leash to be changed and allows the dog to move freely. They function primarily as a gauge with a nylon cord that can stretch everything about 4 to 30 feet, combined with a locking mechanism in a plastic handle that allows the lanyard to be locked at varying lengths. .

It will automatically collect any slack in the leash then when you release the mechanism, draw the rope to the handle. While they are easily retractable, they are quite popular, but they have some disadvantages such as:

Wire burns

This can be muffled by too much excess current. And using a retractable leash without properly understanding the tool can make teaching a sled dog difficult.

Almost every retractable leash has tension on it, except that the dog is walking towards us. As they go, they are "pulling" to widen the tether to get to wherever they are trying to go or come.

We therefore rank this leash in second place, hoping that you can try using a retractable leash until your dog understands the leash etiquette.

Adjustable dog leashes

The adjustable leash type serves as an alternative between the standard leash and the retractable leash

provides a leash that you can adjust the length of, without creating a constant pulling sensation for the dog, while providing solid control and freedom for the dog.

Most often adjustments are available between 3 and 6 feet by adding or removing extra loops or clips along the length. This makes the leash shorter to use for training such as heel work when you want the dog to come close, and also allows you more freedom if you go for a walk.

Chain dog leashes

It can replace the standard leash, useful for dogs with a tendency to chew and destroy the leash. However, they come in different weights and thicknesses so they are suitable for all sizes of dogs.

However, pets should be supervised when using a leash. If you don't supervise and warn your dog, it can lead to tooth damage.

Martingale dog leashes

Strap with a combination of standard lanyard and martingale collar. It is used to aid in training when trying to stop a dog from pulling. Similar to other types, it squeezes the dog's neck when pulling, does not suffocate the dog, just puts enough pressure on the neck to cause irritation, making the dog uncomfortable if the dog pulls.

Double dog leashes

Used to walk multiple dogs on a single leash. It includes a handle and leash for the first dog, with a second or possibly more leash from a coupler to allow the user to attach another dog.

For a dog that is well trained, walks easily and doesn't jump around or pull, this is quite effective for many users and useful when there are many dogs.

Seat belt safety dog leashes

This is a short leash with a clip to attach to the dog's neck and a seat belt clip so that it can be secured to the dog in the back of the car. This prevents the dog from climbing and distracting the user while driving. At the same time, it also prevents dogs from roaming in the event of an accident.

Therefore, you should use a crate if possible, but if possible, seat belt safety dog leashes are a good choice.

Do not tighten the dog at all.

Harness dog leashes

Incorporating a harness instead of a traditional chain, this gives the owner more control.

If using a dog harness is said to be more comfortable and easy to adjust, so many owners desire one. The no-pull harness is also the most popular item among large dog owners who love to pull.

What's more, harness-type leashes come in the form of a rear clip harness and a front clip harness. Each has its own pros and cons, usually a rear clip harness is used for trained dogs and a front clip harness is good for dogs that can jump or pull. In case the dog is aggressive, you should pair a harness with a head harness.

Bike dog leashes

If you have an active pet, you might consider using a dog bike leash to take them out to the gym with them.

This type is attached to your bike frame and allows dogs to adjust the distance to the bike they can travel. This type of leash helps you make sure your pet is always with you.

2. Materials for dog leashes


A relatively inexpensive material, but hard and durable. Therefore, it can yield a good, durable chain.

While it is a man-made fiber, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so they offer the buyer a leash with a lot of variation.

In particular, Nylon does not shrink when wet and dries easily, and at the same time it is also easy to clean, so it is a good all-round material.

However, they can be quite strong on the hands causing friction burns if the dog pulls and rubs against the skin.


Usually leather chains are more expensive, but they offer class and style. In particular, they are really durable and work long-lasting.

Also, they can use a lifetime, in addition they are impermeable to the chewing body. But they are still soft and change shape with age to fit the user's hand. Therefore, they are much more comfortable to hold and less abrasive.


Metal material is a less common type of leash but is well suited for dogs that chew on their leash. They are quite heavy depending on their size. Weight should be considered if using with a small puppy. The thinner and lighter the chain, the better. If over time you need to upgrade the leash as your dog grows.


Reflective lanyards are made of leather or nylon but have a reflector embedded into the lanyard.

It is often combined with a reflective collar, so it is very suitable for use by dog owners walking along country roads at night.

3. Width of dog leashes

While the width of the leash doesn't matter, if your dog is a shoplifter, or healthy and pulling, it's likely that they'll want to squirm over the leash. A leash is wide enough to be sturdy enough for your dog.

But if you have a small dog that should also be considered. As you certainly do not want your pet to run away.

4. Style of the clip for dog leashes

You should choose clamps that must be strong because good and strong leashes in the world are useless if not attached to your dog's collar.

Chains often get wet, so stainless steel or brass chains prevent corrosion and weaken over time.

Choose a sturdy tong to withstand a good amount of force because sometimes you and the dog use all your strength to pull in opposite directions.

Bolt snap clips

This clip has a small spring inside a shaft that slides open to create a hole for the collar to pass through, but over time the springs weaken and the clamp can begin to loosen resulting in the dog being unable to get out. chain.

Snap trigger clips

It is also spring mounted, with a trigger used to flip the clamp open. They tend to be large and sturdy with a larger spring.


Through the different types of dog leashes information that we share, we hope you will understand better and find the best dog leashes for your pet. At the same time, they also support better protection and training of pets.

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