• How To Brush Your Dogs Teeth At Home

How To Brush Your Dogs Teeth At Home

By John DoeLast update: 2023-07-21

Brushing your dog's teeth is surely not a strange activity for any pawrent. However, not every pet owner knows how to do it, or the way to brush a dog's teeth properly. In the worst case, dog parents even forget to take care of their pets' dental health.

Understanding the issue deeply, we have composed an article focusing on dog dental care, especially the guide on how to brush your dog's teeth. Along with that, several ideas arising from the topic will come into the discussion. Now let's get started!

Do Dogs Clean Their Teeth?

Here is our answer to whether dogs clean their teeth or not. They are not consciously doing dental care. While dogs chew something, including ropes or fruits, the constant and intense gnawing scrapes off all the plague. It has always been their natural way before we even turn them into domestic pets.

On the other hand, let's talk about the non-natural way of cleaning dogs' teeth. One of the most popular and effective ways we use is to brush their teeth. This is pretty hard to do in the first place for many puppies. It even gets more difficult for dogs that have outgrown their 6 months old.

Since it is so tricky to do, do we really have to brush our dog's teeth? Why don't we take a glance at the reasons for this?

Why Is Brushing Your Dog's Teeth Important?

  • It ensures your dog's teeth stay healthy

First and foremost, the number one reason is to keep your dog's teeth healthy. Nothing can be more crucial than that, and it makes a good start. But the benefits will not be limited here.

  • Brushing teeth can reduce the odor

Believe it or not, one of the strongest odor sources on your dog's body comes from the mouth. For dogs that do not brush their teeth for a long while, every time they open their mouth or yawn, the owner is likely to get a very unpleasant smell. So, brushing your dog's teeth frequently can save you from this trouble.

  • This helps to avoid dental diseases and life-threatening conditions

Keeping dental health stable at the moment is just the tip of the iceberg. Dogs that don't get their teeth brushed from a young age can face serious dental diseases, some of which lead to fatal conditions. For many pawrents, we can assure you it is not what the pet owners ever want to confront.

According to veterinarians, brushing a dog's teeth three times a week is the minimum, and doing that as a daily routine is highly advisable. The 2-minute brushing a day will take you further than you can imagine.

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth?

It is time for our major target, which is the guide on how to brush your dog's teeth. Take it step by step, and there is no need for you to rush. If you are new to this brushing thing, remember to follow our guide and don't place any pressure on yourself or your puppy.

  • Choose the right time for brushing your dog's teeth

For first-time parents in brushing dogs' teeth, you may want to look more closely at your dog's timetable during the day. Why is it essential? Because when your dog goes through his or her first brushing, it takes more than a minute for sure.

Notably, for dogs that are easily triggered, time choosing is more imperative. Heading for the calmest clock of the day is what we will recommend.

Some say it is best to do it in the morning, right after your dog wakes up. Others say that it is easier for both sides to brush the dog's teeth in the evening, right before he or she goes to sleep.

In your situation, we say that it is suggestible to pick a time when your dog is in its more relaxing state. It is not necessarily the bedtime or the waking hour.

  • Pick up a suitable toothpaste

Toothpaste plays a massive role, and it can be the game changer in this teeth-brushing mission.

If we were in your position, we would pick a toothpaste that has a pleasant flavor for dogs. It undoubtedly becomes helpful later on, because by picking the right toothpaste, you and your dog take the teeth brushing less intensively.

Not to mention, if your dog is fond of the chosen toothpaste, brushing its teeth is just a piece of cake. Adding to that, it is quite a good idea to go for edible toothpaste.

  • Select the brusher

Following the toothpaste, let's choose the right toothbrush for your puppy. Keep in mind that the structure of human teeth and dogs is not the same at all. Also, you need to mind the material. Ensure that it is not hard to touch, contains no toxins, and is flexible when in use. Silicone is recommended for toothbrush materials when it comes to brushing dogs' teeth.

There are mainly two shapes of the brushes for your dog. The first one is like a finger brush. It is almost like a finger cover but its top is brush-structured. The second type is just like our regular toothbrushes.

  • Ensure your lighting and space

Whenever you brush your dog's teeth, you may want to do it with sufficient lighting and space. Who would want to clean up a mess after every tooth brushing, and all reasons go down to darkness and small space? Besides, adequate space and good lighting may help your dog relax more during the process. This is particularly applied to large dog breeds. For small puppies, just make sure you have good lighting to see exactly what you will brush.

  • Introduce the brusher and toothpaste to your dog

Just like the first bath or any first time, your dog needs to get used to the toothpaste and toothbrush. Don't rush them. That is likely to push them into a panic situation, and they will unconsciously develop this hatred for teeth brushing.

Therefore, introduce them gently to the toothpaste and toothbrush. Let them sniff the items and slowly touch the brush and toothpaste down their mouth. If they have any action showing resistance, take back the toothbrush and toothpaste. Your dog may dislike the toothpaste, or the toothbrush causes them some discomfort.

It can take some time to let your dog be used to teeth brushing, but there is no need to rush things. Take it slowly and gently. Gradually, your dog will consider teeth brushing a norm in life.

  • Start the process

For the actual teeth brushing, when you and your dog are ready, take the brush gently from the front to its sides. Remember to go in a circle and mildly brush all the areas in the dog's mouth. Up, down, side, and circle. Do all the brushing nicely and lightly. This will help to avoid bleeding, discomfort, or panic from your dog. It will partly resemble how you brush your teeth at this point. So, it is no big deal, right?

  • Praise your dog and get it a reward

Once you have done brushing your dog's teeth, it is high time to treat him or her with some delicious snacks or a nice cuddling. Playing with your dog with his or her favorite toys afterward can be a great idea. Rewarding and praising them after brushing their teeth is a sign telling them this does no harm, and they have been doing excellent during the teeth brushing.

The Bottom Line

That's what you need to know about how to brush your dog's teeth. Remember the frequency you should have is three times per week minimally, and a daily routine is the best solution. Additionally, don't rush and be gentle to your pet. Brushing teeth has never been easy for dogs, notably the old ones. Showing them love and treat them well would be the pawrents' motto.

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