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How To Choose A Harness For A Dog

By John DoeLast update: 2023-12-13

Walking the dog is a very popular activity for owners who often play with their pets. But keeping your dog safe while walking outside can be as easy as choosing the right harness size for your dog. Invest in a harness that avoids the risk of your dog slipping out and into traffic.

There are many types of dog harnesses on the market today, so how can you know which one to get or the right harness size for your dog?

Below we have provided how to choose a harness for the dog now.

1. A difference of types for harness

Purpose for using the harness

Each harness style will have some different function, almost not all of them are designed for walking use, the same style can be used for walking, like the front clip, rear clip, or tightening harness.

The main function of the harness is to help dogs who have difficulty walking, especially older dogs, and distribute the dog's weight so you can lift them easily. What's more, they come equipped as a walking and vet-recommended leash designed for your dog's health needs.

Sports or training harnesses will need to be lighter, so look for a harness that doesn't have a metal adjustment clip and is made of lightweight materials. You can find sports belts that add weight to a dog, helping to increase strength and increase resistance.

If traveling by car, choose an approved crash-tested harness. Because these are less likely to break and cause harm if your dog is in an accident.

Back clip harness

Usually, on harnesses, the leash attachment loop is located on the top of the dog's back. Most of these harnesses make it easy for dogs to get used to and feel comfortable wearing, especially since the leash will not get caught in the dog's front legs.

Front clamp harness

Usually, front clip harnesses have the leash attachment in the center of the dog's chest, not on the back. In this way, the harness allows for a lot of control over the dog if they pull while walking. At the same time, it also helps to redirect the dog to face the owner.


How To Choose A Harness For A Dog