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How To Choose Dog Clippers

By John DoeLast update: 2023-08-17

Instead of taking your dog to a professional trimmer, this can be expensive and not suitable for everyone's budget, so using a pet clipper will do your part to brush the dog's coat.

However, by the first day or two, both you and your dog can get used to the process, if you follow these tips for how to choose a dog clipper and know how to use them correctly.

1. Type of blade for dog clipper

The clipper blades have many different options and they are all based on the texture and length of the dog coat, Westie or Western Highland Terrier has a length of feathers from medium to long and smooth straight. Almost, their fur changes from the beginning, to both sides, tails, so they need another blade for each part of the body. So you should use a dog cutting blade from 5f to 7F.

We recommend using blades that match the length of the dog's feathers. You don't need to worry too because each feather cutting package for dogs comes with a clear explanation guide on this issue, if you have some unexplained questions, you can contact the brushes Career support. Moreover, it is possible to join a class on how to trim fur for dogs, participating in the classroom to help you have an aesthetic purpose but also to ensure safety.

2. Select wireless and rechargeable clipper

Here we only provide general information about Dog Clipper, so how can the type of clipper chosen be reasonable?

Rechargeable (wireless) feather cutting (wireless) is a choice for puppies that are scared, too excited, or proving real cooperation. At the same time, you also have a wider movement range, and easily bend and rotate people without resistance from the wire.

However, if you forgot to plug the trimmer to charge the dog and it turns off when brushing, during that time you won't need to remove the battery inside, but on each "wireless" device, the machine Cut or not, the final battery case will be corrupted and stop charging.

3. Avoid too big clips

If you use A Big Clipper for the first trimmed trimmer, an electric trimmer can be quite scary for both of you.

For feather cutting for silent dogs (mechanics). Before starting brushing, allow the dog to sniff and look at the trimmer before you turn them up and this encourages the curiosity of the pet. At the same time, it reduces fear and brings simple and smaller sounds.

Or you can give dogs delicious and praise foods to understand that brushing is a good experience rather than a scary experience. If the dog is real, it is recommended to use the trimmer for silent dogs, mechanical type and therefore there is no voice or smooth part.

4. Make sure dog clipper is not too hot

Although this machine is quite simple, the mechanism behind the dog cutting machine is very complicated. Due to the fast movement of the metal blades, it produces a large amount of heat, and when physical temperature regulates the metal, the metal expands. From here, you cannot eliminate the production of warmth but can help dog cuts work well by proper lubrication.

Overall, the nail clippers will come with a little lubricant blade, you can buy them separately. We High Recommend Oster Premium Lube are good dog cutting lubricants to use.

Subtle clippers for pets before and after trimming, helping them not to be too warm, dull, and keeping houses and fur without accumulation. In addition, you should also add oil during trimming, this can slow down, but it's safe and helps cut and pet tongue for a long time.

5. Decide on the type of cut

There are hundreds of different dog cuts to choose from, like the puppy cut, or the teddy bear cut, to the lion's cut, to the mohawk's cut and it all depends on the severity. your creativity.

However, you will not have the same looks and style as a Husky or a German Shepherd. In general, the undercoat is very thick to maintain body temperature in both hot and cold temperatures. Hence good. Make sure the look you want matches the breed of dog you own.

6. Trim the dog's hair in the right direction

You need to trim the dog's hair always in the direction of hair growth. After performing petting movements, it is advisable to pull the taught dog's skin; Especially not so tight that it causes pain or discomfort to the dog, but not so loose that it gets caught on the tongue.

Get your dog's coat trimmed in the right direction as it is an essential part of a safe dog haircut. If you're not careful about smoothing the skin and moving the blades in the right direction, you can slit the dog or cut its flesh. You can also refer to some clips on youtube to understand better.

7. Use dog clipper on dry fur