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How To Choose Dog Diapers

By John DoeLast update: 2024-01-14

For your pet's health and comfort, consider using dog diapers to deal with urinary incontinence or to prevent bleeding when the bitch is in heat. However, when choosing a diaper for a dog needs to be based on many factors and especially the sensitivity of the pet. So how to choose a dog diaper.

1. Diaper Type

Determine your dog's needs

Dog owners use diapers for a number of reasons, like to deal with urinary incontinence, during home training, or when a bitch is in heat.

Urinary incontinence from older dogs who have lost bladder control due to muscle weakness or decreased hormones affecting bladder control.

Or female dogs that have not been bred will have estrus cycles. Dog diapers can help minimize mess when bitches are in heat. Bleeding usually lasts 7-10 days, but dogs can stay warm (during pregnancy) for as long as 4 weeks.

There are still some dog trainers who will recommend against using dog diapers when training at home, but they can be used if the dog must be left alone for a significant amount of time to minimize accidents.

Take your dog to the vet

Sometimes a pet may be suffering from a medical condition that causes urinary incontinence. Your veterinarian will confirm the diagnosis of the cause. Veterinarians treat the condition, which can prevent the dog's incontinence. Some of the signs associated with urinary incontinence include spinal cord injury or degeneration, urinary tract infection, disc protrusion, prostate disorder, or some form of congenital abnormality.

Weigh the dog

Dog diapers come in a variety of sizes for your pet's weight and waist size. Determine the correct weight to determine the correct size of the pet dog diaper.

Get the help of a veterinarian to measure your larger dog's weight

Often veterinary offices will have a walking scale designed for animals. You simply weigh smaller dogs at home, then step on the scale and record your weight. Pick up the dog and weigh by yourself. Take the weight of you and the dog minus your total weight. This number is the weight of the dog.

Measure the dog's waist

Your dog's diaper needs to fit snugly at the waist to make sure it doesn't slip off or let urine leak from the front.

Furthermore, when the dog is standing, you should ask a friend to help keep the dog in the proper position if needed. Finally, wrap a measuring tape around the dog's waist. Make sure to measure far enough toward the male dog's body to cover the end of his penis. If you measure too close to the back, the diaper may not cover the urethral opening making the diaper useless.

Compare cloth diapers or disposable diapers

When shopping for dog diapers, there are many options for cloth diapers, either reusable or disposable.

Cloth diapers are an eco-friendly option that can be cleaned and reused. Because they require owners to wipe their diapers, which some owners don't want to do. If the dog needs to wear diapers continuously for a long time, cloth diapers will be less expensive than disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers usually come in two packs so your dog can wear one while the other is washing, but you can buy more if you want to clean them less often.

Disposable diapers that are very convenient and can be used easily. There's less to clean and they're easier to adjust than many cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are good for short-term use and tend to be cheaper than cloth diapers.

Choose the type of diaper

There are three main types of diapers for dogs: men's diapers, full diapers, and diapers that use a harness to secure.

A men's swaddle is basically a band that wraps around the dog's body. They can be used on male dogs that are marking or spraying indoors.

A full diaper is a diaper that looks a lot like a human diaper, but has a hole in the tail and fits a dog.

Strap diapers are full diapers that use a harness, like a sling, that wraps around the dog's shoulder to keep the diaper in place.

Control of feces

Dog diapers are designed to help reduce urination. However, for some dogs who are experiencing fecal incontinence, a dog diaper specifically designed for fecal incontinence can be purchased.

Check the packaging of the diaper, the case

can be used for stool, this will be stated somewhere on the package.

However, if your pet is suffering from fecal incontinence, be sure to check diapers regularly and be prepared to clean the area with disinfecting gloves and wipes.

2. Buy diapers for dogs

Determine the number of diapers

This number is different for each dog. Disposable dog diapers are usually sold in packs of 12 or 24 diapers. Cloth diapers can be sold in single packs or packs of 3 or 4 diapers.

Moreover, you also need to note the number of times per day the dog usually urinates.

If diapers are purchased for a bitch's estrus cycle, diaper changes should be expected at least twice a day for up to 2 weeks.

Buy a pack of diapers large enough to be disposable so that you can use a new diaper every time your dog urinates. Dogs wearing wet diapers for a long time are not good for their health and can lead to diaper rash.

Buy 2 disposable liner cloth diapers to get started. If you find that you need more than 2 cloth diapers, buy more diapers.

Remember that disposable diapers will save on temporary use, whereas cloth diapers for dogs will save money in the long run because they can be reused.

Find dog diapers online or in stores

Dog diapers are available from most major retailers, at pet stores, or online. You will likely find more options to choose from in a larger pet store.

Check each brand's dog diaper size chart

Using previously taken weight and waist measurements, find the size that best fits your dog's measurements.

The number of sizes that the brand will be available in depends on the manufacturer. There are usually fewer sizes in cloth diapers.

Consider the next size of a male dog. When you use disposable dog diapers, you may find that the size corresponding to your dog's measurements is not enough to cover the dog's genital area. Male dogs need diapers that fit higher above the waist to prevent leaks.

Types of dog diapers with soft lining

Continued use of dog diapers can cause skin damage or irritation. Diapers with a soft, absorbent lining can help prevent your dog from developing diaper rash.

Treating diaper rash and discomfort is also a feature that you need to pay attention to, because using diapers for too long. You can avoid diaper rash by changing your dog's diaper every time he urinates, so that his skin doesn't stay in contact with the urine for long.

Or using unscented baby wipes is a convenient way to clean your dog and soothe irritated skin. You can also use hypoallergenic baby powder for drying the area.

3. How to use dog diapers

Find the right fit

If the diaper you choose for your dog doesn't fit well, it's not only not particularly comfortable for the dog, but it's also more likely to let dirt escape to the sides, which defeats the purpose of the diaper.

Usually each brand will have a different size, so follow the size guide to find the best size for your dog.

If the dog doesn't have a tail, cover the tail hole with duct tape so it doesn't become a leak point.

Change diapers often

Often dogs will feel uncomfortable if they get stuck walking around in a dirty diaper for a long time.

Rubbing wet and dirty diapers can also cause diaper rash in dogs, which can lead to skin infections as well as incontinence.

Change your dog's diaper often and always change his or her diaper at the first sign that it has been used.

Clean the dog when changing diapers

You can use the same baby wipes you use on children to quickly wipe your dog before putting on a new diaper.

Do not force your dog to wear diapers at night. Because diapers are simply uncomfortable and being stuck in a sturdy diaper for hours on end is not hygienic.

Furthermore, if your dog has a habit of wearing diapers at night, arrange for a replacement for the dog at night. Or invest in a raised mesh bed, which allows urine to escape and air to circulate. This is usually less effective with poop, so it's also a good idea to get something that's easy to wipe down if you need to make your bed in the morning.

Protect own dog’s

Dog urine contains dangerously high levels of ammonia when inhaled, and dog feces contain bacteria that are responsible for cramps, diarrhea, intestinal disease, dehydration, and kidney disorders in humans.

Wear gloves while changing your dog's diaper

While some dogs will leave their diapers behind, others will run out of there shortly.

Many pet owners will use a sling to hold the dog's diaper in place or cover the diaper with a dog pad, which will be much more difficult for them.


If diapers are available, the use of dog diapers also needs attention as this can lead to complications such as diaper rash, urine sediment and persistent bacterial infections if worn too long. long.

In addition, based on your pet's sensitivity, you can monitor your dog or see your veterinarian to diagnose the cause of your dog's incontinence before using a diaper.

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