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How To Choose Dog Name

By John DoeLast update: 2023-07-20

Searching for the dog name for your pet can be difficult. But if you are planning to name your dog, you should consider and learn how to name them appropriately and easily to remember them.

Therefore, choosing a name for a dog is never easy, if you learn about it, it is one of the fun things for your pet.

The review below will discuss how to choose a dog name right now.

1. Choose a dog name that ends in a vowel

Choosing a dog name with a vowel will help change the tone when you call the dog. And this is important because dogs distinguish frequency bands at a higher level than we do. Therefore, a name that ends with a vowel Buddy, Ziggy, Josie, and Taco all work and attract when called.

2. Name your dog with two syllables

Note that when naming dogs, you should avoid long names, choose short and easy to remember names. Therefore, naming two syllables helps you remember them for a long time, making it easy to call and remember them even if you are busy with work. The way to remember it for a long time is to repeat it many times.

3. How to name a dog

As mentioned, choosing a name with one or two syllables. Often longer names can be confusing for your dog to understand and have trouble saying them over and over again. Therefore, you should try the new name for a few days and see how the dog reacts.

Avoid certain names such as commands that you intend to teach the dog. More than that, it's very confusing when you teach "Fetch" to fetch or train the command to stay to be "Shae".

You do not name your dog something that listeners find offensive or embarrassing. That includes racial or cultural profanity, insults, crude slang, and anything with the word curse.

Don't choose a complicated name like Sir Fluffy Von Wagglestein unless you're actually using a simple one like "Sir Fluffy."

Avoid renaming an adult dog if the dog already knows it. If there is a name change, choose the name with the same syllable as Bailey can change to Hailey or Kaylee and Charlie can easily become Harley or Farley.

4. Tips and considerations when naming dogs

Limit the most common names possible as you may also encounter other dogs with the same name as your dog and lead to some confusion at the dog park or veterinarian's office. Common names like Bella, Bailey, Max, Molly, Buddy and Lucy.

Some owners may put multiple dogs together and name them after famous duos like "Abbott and Costello" or "Moe, Larry and Curly." What's more, some people use phrases like Sugar and Spices or Peanut butter and jelly. These names have to sound cute and funny, you also need to consider how much you like each individual name.

If you consider your dog a family member or friend, you should ask the person how he feels about it first.

5. Dog name ideas

You should first consider your dog's appearance and personality.

From there, you can choose a descriptive name like "Dottie" for the Dalmatian, "Shorty" for the Dachshund, or "Happy" for the funny little dog. You can also choose a name that describes the opposite of the dog like "Tiny" for Mastiff or "Attila" for the little Yorkie.

You should also come up with an idea for a name because it reminds you of a certain place, event or thing.

In addition, some people love to name dogs after famous celebrities or historical figures.


Through the ways we share about choosing dog names, you can probably grasp some of the basis for choosing names for your dog.

However, once you have chosen a name, how to help your dog know it is another matter. So time and repetition will be the first step you need to take.

With that, we hope you can find the right name for your dog.

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