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How To Keep Dog Ears Dry

By John DoeLast update: 2024-02-11

The signal dog is scratching his ears and shaking his head. Or a sigh, you can look inside the ear for telltale signs of an ear infection are present. Ear infections often appear when the dog plays in the water.

There are certainly times when dogs get water or another type of fluid in their ears and they need to be dried. This can be irritating to dogs, who, as mentioned above, will rub their paws against their ears or shake their heads to try to remove water from their ears. But don't give up, below are some tips on how to keep dog ears dry.


1. When does water get into the dog's ears?

Water often gets into the dog's ears when bathing, and because the dog's ear canal is quite long, it can be difficult for them to get the water out. Naturally, the dog will try to shake its head to try to dry or remove the water in the ear. This helps get most of the water or liquid out of the dog's ears, and depending on the breed and amount of water getting in, it can be difficult to completely dry the dog's ears just by shaking them.

2. How to keep dog ears dry?

If your dog has water stuck in her ear, it's important to help them as much as possible. For example, some dogs, such as the Golden Retriever, have trouble getting rid of water on their own. Because their ears fold down into the ear canal, water gets trapped in the ear. To keep their ears from shifting, the fluid in the ear can grow bacteria and yeast, leading to ear infections.

3. Tips to keep dog ears dry

  • There are different solutions for cleaning and drying your dog's ears.
  • The most common is to use a veterinarian's ear cleaning and drying kit.
  • While the kit is expensive, it includes an ear cleaner and ear cleaner suitable for dogs.

Alternatively, you can purchase a drying liquid at a pet supply store that is specifically designed to help dry out the water in the ears. Or if you want to make your drying solution. How we can make this solution yourself? You simply combine hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of purified water and you have a solution.

First, you need to dry the dog's ears. Use The Absorber® for being super soft and absorbent to help you get the job done. If you want to gently dry the top of the ear, the underside of the ear.

Next, lift your dog's ear and put a few drops of the solution directly into the dog's ear canal. Either your homemade recipe with apple cider vinegar or your vet's dry recipe will work.

After instilling the solution in your dog's ear, massage the base of the dog's ear to help the solution move through the ear canal. If the dog has a chance to shake his head if needed. It is also a way to help remove water from the dog's ears.

Finally, gently wipe the inner ear with cotton wool to remove debris. Never use a Q-tip in a dog's ear, as it can push debris deeper into the dog's ear canal and cause damage.

4. Other tips to keep the ears of the dog

In addition to drying your dog's ears with cleaning tools, you must also take proper care of your dog's ears to ensure their ears are clean. And this is also the best way to prevent infection. Use a cotton ball dipped in dog ear cleaner to gently clean the outside and then the inside of the ear.

Keep your ears dry

Wet ears are also a major cause of ear diseases. In other words, dry ears are healthy ears and are an important part of dog ear care. If you dry your dog's ears thoroughly after bathing or they have gone swimming. This is considered a habit to help your dog have stronger ears.


In addition to the above factor, the long hairs inside the ears are home to ticks and fleas. So regularly take the dog spa to take care of the dog or learn how to properly cut their hair. Because dog ears are very sensitive and difficult to clean. If you do not clean your ears properly, it can be harmful.

5. Common ear problems

Some common problems with dog ears are ear mites. It is a small insect that gets inside a dog's ear canal and feeds on skin debris.

If the dog's ears are red, it is a sign of an ear infection. Be wary of odors and abscesses forming in or around the ears. If your dog is constantly scratching his ears, it is also a common sign that you have an infection. Furthermore, if you notice the outside of your ear is red or scaly, see your vet immediately to seek treatment and find a good product.


As for how to keep your dog's ears dry, clean their ears a few times a week to prevent problems. Keeping your dog well-groomed and healthy is the best way to keep them happy.

Furthermore, health is an important aspect of pet care. If you are having any problems, contact your veterinarian to find a way.

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