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How To Prevent Dogs From Mating

By John DoeLast update: 2024-07-02

If you are having a puppy, you must have known about the dog's mating. Some people claim it to be the major reason why their dogs leave home at specific times of the year. When the mating season has come, your dogs, whether male or female will find ways to approach and attract their partners.

Mating is an instinct of animals, not just dogs. Hence, when mating happens, it should not bother you much, unless it is not in suitable time or you do not wish your female dog to get pregnant for personal reasons. This is when you, as an owner, must prevent the mating from its occurrence.

1. Information You Should Know About Dog's Mating - When and How Long Does It Happen?

Mating as mentioned is an instinct in animals, including dogs. Mating season and its intensity are not the same for every dog breed. Small dog breeds such as Chihuahua can achieve their sexual ability and complete puberty at around 6 months. After this milestone, the mating period will happen and last for 9 to 12 days. Some dogs can even be considered mature ones after 4 months since their birth. The cycle of reproduction occurs once every 6 months. It can be shorter for certain dog breeds, which is once every 3 or 4 months.

Mating season in large dog breeds, including Husky, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and Shepherd. These dogs will take a much longer time to fully mature both mentally and physically. Contrary to the period of 4 or 6 months for finished puberty like smaller breeds, the large ones' time may be up to 9 to 12 months, depending on the breed, nutrition, and living environment. Their mating season also comes in lower intensity. Their reproduction cycle occurs once every 10 to 12 months.

2. When The Dog's Mating Should Not Happen?

Dog mating when happening at an appropriate time will benefit you and your dogs. If you are a breeder, proper mating time will keep your dog healthier and avoid it from mental health problems. Suitable reproduction intensity will also be beneficial. If it is forced to happen too often, your dog faces several serious health problems. Besides, the stress will burden its mentality. Dog mating should not happen, in case your dogs are in such a situation:

  • They are ill: Illness is the first reason why mating should not occur. When your dog is ill, it will not have the will and strength to conduct a successful mating. Moreover, it may infect its partner with the current illness.
  • Immaturity: Dogs, like humans, should not be forced to mate with others when it has not reached their maturity. Puberty is the time when the dog gets to prepare health and mental conditions for mating. Early mating can lead your dog to several health issues. We believe that what is at the right time will always be better.
  • Dog mating with its offspring: This is one of the issues with mating. When a dog mates with its offspring, the risk is not for the parents but for their puppies. The puppies may face the risk of fatality from this mating.


3. How To Prevent Your Dog From Mating When It Should Not?

There are several ways you can try to prevent unwanted mating among dogs. We will now go through the methods from the most effective to the lesser ones.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying is for the female and neutering is for male dogs. If you have not acknowledged what this is then the two terms refer to sterilization. Through these methods, unwanted mating will not happen. For your dogs, if you don't want them to give birth, this solution will prevent that from coming.

Spaying or neutering dogs can help them have a more quality life. Your dogs will live longer and stronger during their lifetime. However, this is not the best way for breeders. But should you be a pet parent, this will be ideal for you. Some people claim that spaying or neutering will harm our dog and be a cruel thing to do. But in this case, we would not follow the myth of spaying and neutering.


Contraception for dogs can have many types. Usually, contraception will last for a few months in dogs, normally from 3 to 4 months. When you want to prevent unwanted mating, medical interference from veterinarians is to consider. There are contraception pills to conduct this. But the biggest note for using this is the risk for your dog, which can lead to fatality. That's why you need advice from veterinarians. During your pet's use of contraception pills, you need to take good care of your dog.


Separation is another way to prevent mating in dogs. However, this will require a lot of attention from owners. When your dogs enter the mating season, you must keep them away from each other all day and night. It is because the mating does not take much time to be carried out. 20 minutes is enough for dog mating. Therefore, if you use separation, you always have to keep an eye on them. Keeping them intact indoors and outdoors. In the mating season, if you have 2 dogs, take one of them outside at a time. Using collars as supporting tools for separation.


Using garments like diapers is not a good way for birth control. Whatever garment you put on your dogs, they will find a way to take it off, and the mating would still happen. Wearing garments should only be applied with other birth control methods.

The two dogs, even when wearing diapers or any type of garments, should always be kept separate from one another or under careful observation. Human interference should be immediately applied when there is a sign of dogs calling their partner or close distance in the mating season. Using Chlorophyll is also advisable. This substance will cover the smell of heat from the female.

4. Tips To Care For Your Dog In The Mating Season

As your dog enters the mating season, some extra care will be necessary to get them in the best condition. First of all, you need to keep the dog inside the house more and spend more time with it during this period. They may have different behaviors compared to usual, and that's normal for the season.

Also, keep an eye on the appetite. Some dogs are not as into their food as they used to be in the mating season. Some do not eat at all or are not willing to eat. However, some eat too much. As a result, it burdens their digestion. Lastly, you should practice daily hygiene. In mating, dogs, especially females, will lick themselves a lot for self-cleaning. A light bath will work fine.


These are the final lines of our article. If your dog is about to enter the mating season, make sure it is suitable for them to mate emotionally and physically. We recommend the first mating time should be in year 2 of your dog. Besides, hygiene and appetite are to pay attention to during the season.

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