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How To Soundproof A Dog Crate

By John DoeLast update: 2024-04-05

What is a soundproof crate for dogs? This is a crate made from sound-absorbing material, like when your dog is inside it will reduce and block dog barking to some extent. It doesn't silence the noise completely but will reduce it.

Most soundproof crates help to reduce sound, eliminate reverberations and echoes, and take the intensity out of a dog's bark. Since some bins can be converted to soundproof enclosures with very little effort, you can also purchase enclosures that have been specially made with soundproofing properties.

To better understand, let's learn how to soundproof a dog crate.

1. Use soundproof crate lids for dogs

Barrel lids are a simple, inexpensive way to soundproof a crate. Simply cover the bin with a suitable size sheet of cardboard and it will help keep the noise level down.

But buy covers made specifically for this purpose anyway because the material is breathable to ensure the kennel doesn't overheat for the dog once the lid is on.

Also, it's hard to find specifically manufactured soundproof crate covers, but it's a good idea to look for a thick, durable lid.

The covers will help reduce the amount of sound coming in and out of the bin, and they are also easily removable and washable.

Most dog crate covers are widely available, but not all are specifically created to reduce sound. You can put a blanket over your dog's crib, but be careful that this doesn't make the crib too hot or too dark.

A few things you need to know when choosing a dog crate lid:

  • Breathable material
  • Machine washable
  • Comfort for the dog
  • Do not completely power the tank
  • Absorber plate

Here's another low-cost way to soundproof crates. It works quite well to help absorb mid-high frequency sounds and reduce echoes.

What's more, the absorbers are easy to install and just need to be attached to the side of the tank. This is an easy solution that doesn't require any tools for mounting. For the sheets to absorb effectively, they must be the right size for the dog's kennel.

The use of absorber plates will have a long service life, easy to install and remove, and less expensive.

2. Moving blanket

Covering a moving blanket over a crate is a cost-effective solution that makes sound reduction easy.

As a moving blanket has the ability to absorb sound, that's why it's different from a regular blanket. Mostly, the design of moving blankets means that they are noise-absorbing, insulated and still comfortable.

In that, they are also very easy to clean and you can simply place one or two on top of your dog's kennel to help reduce the sound, or fold one or place on the bottom of the kennel as a comfortable dog bed.

However, make sure the crate is well ventilated and not overheated.

3. Soundproof walls / rooms in the house

If your dog doesn't like the kennel, or if the dog only barks when it's outside and it bothers the neighbors a lot can decide to soundproof the walls or rooms of the house.

Only for those who have a common wall with the neighbors.

Although the option is expensive, a soundproof room can give you more peace of mind.

There are several reasons to soundproof a dog crate.

  • It should be able to minimize the sounds the dog can hear, which can be a safe space that helps block out the sounds of thunderstorms or fireworks and ease your dog's anxiety.
  • Make your pet less likely to bark if they feel relaxed and a soundproof crate can help achieve this.
  • Deal with persistent or demanding barking, though remember that a dog often barks if something bothers them.
  • Create a peaceful environment
  • Help your pet to feel relaxed and safe
  • Reduce barking and whining
  • Protect your dog from strong noises
  • Noise reduction for both your neighbors and you

4. Some potential problems with crate soundproofing.


This is a problem if you use blankets frequently to cover the crate, leave it in direct sunlight/close to a fireplace, or leave it poorly ventilated. So be careful when choosing the location for the crate and make sure to use the right material for soundproofing. Without good ventilation and ventilation materials, the cage can get hot and cause discomfort and even illness to the dog.

Poor ventilation

Materials specially made for this purpose always ensure that the soundproofing of the crate does not cause poor ventilation.

Blacked out

Choosing a darker crate will have a relaxing effect on your dog. A dark, quiet area for them to spend time there. A completely black painted crate is stressful and confusing for the dog.

Different types of materials for soundproofing

Consider the type of materials and products you are using.

  • Must be able to clean easily
  • Has a water repellent coating if outside or near a water source
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Always durable so it doesn't get damaged easily
  • Proven high noise reduction factor rating (NRC)

5. The idea of soundproofing the dog house

Creating white noise

Simply making some white noise in your dog's kennel can help reduce any sounds. Because:

It can calm and soothe the dog

It can mask the barking

When there is no background noise, the dog's bark will be amplified. At the same time, you can try playing some music with this portable JBL Bluetooth speaker. Continue to clip it to the dog's crate or place it on the floor of the kennel to help reduce noise.

Put a camera

It's a good idea to practice using a baby monitor to make sure your child is safe, the camera can be used in a similar way to check on the dog and keep them calm.

You can put the Furbo Dog camera in the dog kennel, it will alert when the dog starts barking. You then turn on the camera to see and talk to your dog, which will help prevent barking and whining.

Cover with blanket or soundproof sheet

One idea to save money is to easily reduce the noise of the dog house by using a soundproof blanket. Then, using a couple of moving blankets to cover the dog's kennel is a cheap and effective way to minimize the sound.

Since the Blanket is designed to insulate and reduce damage, it also has excellent sound insulation. It is constructed of a combination of both soft and hard materials with thin padding. The moving blanket is quite large so small and medium sized crates can be easily covered with no problem.

Pads to reduce noise

To reduce the sound of placing a pad inside the dog kennel is like placing a large rug on a hardwood floor. It greatly reduces all reverberations and echoes of noise.

It comes in a variety of sizes, so make sure to get one that covers the entire floor for optimal sound insulation.

Soundproof foam sheet

Using soundproof foam panels can soundproof the dog's cage. They work effectively for soundproofing small and medium sized enclosures. Even outside noises such as thunder and fireworks will be minimized as well as absorb any barking trying to escape the crate.

6. How to cover a dog kennel with soundproof foam sheets:

  • You must measure the length and width of each side of the kennel.
  • Cut the foam sheets to size (if needed) with scissors or a razor.
  • Use adhesive clamps to attach the foam sheets to the metal frame of the crate.
  • Repeat until all sides except the covered front door
  • Continuing to follow these steps will keep your soundproof panels firmly attached to the dog kennel.


Through the ways we give about how to soundproof a dog crate. It helps the dog to be protected from loud outside noises like firecrackers and thunder while resting in a more peaceful environment. Prevents a lot of barking or whining, which helps to reduce the noise coming from your home or apartment. Since then, there have been fewer complaints from neighbors and visitors.

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