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Benefits of Litter Boxes for Cats

By Jane SmithLast update: 2024-05-05

Kittens are the cutest pets to have. Since the pet demands increase year by year, many items are invented and updated daily to satisfy both kittens’ and humans' needs. For those who intend to have a kitty in the following time, you must have basic stuff. When raising a kitty, you need to prepare kitten food, bathing gel, a litter box, litter sand, a small cage, and a blanket to keep your kitty warm in the winter.

Food and drink for kittens must be thoroughly picked because they are vulnerable at this point. The next essential items are a litter box and litter sand. Litter boxes and sand will keep your living space clean and eliminate an annoying smell. In the following section, we will discuss further the litter boxes and some tips to help you pick a suitable one for your kitten.

1. Types of cat litter boxes on the marketplace

What is a litter box?

A litter box is an indoor feces and urine collector for cats, rabbits, and small dogs. Litter boxes vary in terms of price tags. You can buy this item for as cheap as five dollars. Modern litter boxes can cost you up to one thousand dollars for their automatic scooping and cleaning features.

Litter boxes start virtually as a tray. Litter boxes have many names, including litter tray, sandbox, cat pan, or litter pan. Its name depends on the shape. Litter boxes these days have innovated for more sophisticated features and attractive looks to kittens.

Modern technology also comes into the scene. As you search "litter boxes for cats" online, you will easily catch sight of promotions of "automatic" litter boxes. These items not only contain and eliminate the smell but also automatically categorize and scoop the dumps. They seem expensive at the purchase but throughout the usage period, they are more efficient than manual taking.

Types of litter boxes for cats

  • Open litter boxes

Open litter boxes are the most basic item when you first adopt a cute kitten. Open litter boxes allow your cat to enter from the front side, left or right side, and the top. Open litter boxes can be divided into trays, sifting boxes, high-sided boxes, and top entry ones. The most used material in the making of litter boxes is plastic. Few of them are made of metal, which serves longer. Open litter boxes are affordable, space-saving, and they allow you to see what your kittens do inside. In case your kitten has a situation or they accidentally eat the litter sand, you will immediately handle the issue.

However, the open boxes have drawbacks. The problem of smell needs serious measures. An open litter pan means you need to spend more on deodorizers. Constant and sustainable expenses on deodorizers are significant. In the long run, if you don't want your living space filled with an annoying smell, simple open boxes are not a profitable investment.

  • Covered litter boxes

On the other hand, covered litter boxes solve the issues of smell and look. They also have numerous divisions, but the two main types here are manual and automatic. Manual boxes are not so different from open ones. However, they prevent the problems of sand spreading and the smell. There are many eye-catching products in the covered litter box section. A conventional litter box does not cost you so much, it will be around thirty dollars for one item.

An automatic litter box is much more expensive with an approximate price range of a few hundred dollars. Some can be up to one thousand dollars. Nonetheless, their features are worth the investment. Many shoppers claim that automatic litter boxes attract their cats more. They are more energy efficient and time-efficient. In general, an automatic litter box is a nice item to own.

2. Benefits of litter boxes for cats

They save you from litter tracking

First and foremost, cat litter boxes save cat parents from litter tracking. Many people used to complain about this problem when they first adopted a kitten. Without a litter box, they have to deal with litter tracking every day. This is not only annoying but also harmful to the living environment, especially for households with kids. Since you have a litter box, all the dumps and waste will be kept inside. The annoying smell will no longer be an issue, especially with automatic cleaning boxes.

Cat litter boxes keep your dogs from eating cat dumps

It may sound strange to readers, but dogs sometimes enjoy doing this. According to several reports, eating cat dumps can lead to vitamin deficiency in dogs. A litter box will be the fastest and simplest way to keep your dog away from cat dumps. Gradually, your dogs can quit this nasty habit. Other supporters you can use are barriers or baby gates to prevent the dogs from litter boxes.

Litter boxes are easy to move and take away

Most cat litter boxes are plastic and lightweight, which is flexible to move from place to place. Except for the boxes made of metal, mostly automatic litter boxes, they are portable. They allow you to take them on vacation. Plastic litter boxes can also be helpful when you have to send your cat to babysit. The basic stuff such as a cage, a litter box, and cat food are all portable.

Cat loves their litter boxes

When you have purchased a cute, eye-catching litter box for your kitten, the odors will be where they should be. Teaching your cat to dump the waste in the right place is not hard at all. It will take a few days. Some smart cats only take a day to learn. You may be surprised to find out that when a litter box is available, cats enjoy their private time more. But they will not play in the litter box due to the small space. In a few situations, cats play in their litter box. Nonetheless, most cats will dump there then go outside for playtime.

3. Problems with cat litter boxes

Though litter boxes are vital tools for cat parents. Nonetheless, issues occur while using this item. We have surveyed and figured out a few problems engaged:

  • Litter sand spreading: this happens among parents who use open litter boxes with low sides. Cats can easily make a mess when there is no barrier between the litter box and the surrounding. The solution for sand spreading is purchasing high-sided boxes or covered ones.
  • Cats eating the litter sand: Eating litter sand can occur among kittens as they are new and curious about the sand. Litter sand also smells nice, hence confusing the kittens. You can buy organic sand to replace the current sand. The organic sand eaten will not harm the kittens.
  • Cats playing in the sandbox: this does not usually happen because these boxes barely have space for playtime. When your kitten tends to play inside the litter box, take them out immediately. The smaller your litter box is, the less chance your kitten will play inside.


A litter box for cats is a necessary item for those who are adopting a kitten. The internet would offer you thousands of choices to consider. You will easily find traditional and modern litter boxes for your pets. Each type of litter box will have benefits and drawbacks. The cheap ones will normally the manual instead of self-cleaning boxes. They can handle the smell and conceal the mess of your cats well. The automatic boxes are more expensive but also more superior and save you more time. However, the automatic litter boxes are not easy to carry. Hence. It is a good idea to have a plastic one for traveling.

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