• How to Choose Dog Breed

How to Choose Dog Breed

By John DoeLast update: 2023-02-25

It's important to take your time while choosing the best breed of dog for you. The entire family should participate in the decision-making process and consider a variety of variables. Researching the breed you want to adopt is always important when adopting a puppy. The adventure cannot start until you have decided what breed of dog you want to adopt, whether you want to adopt from an animal shelter, a breed rescue, or a breeder. And here some steps how to choose dog breed.

How to Choose Dog Breed

Some families go into the process with the intention of getting a working animal that can conduct search and rescue tasks with a certain handler. Some people prefer a breed with fewer shedding than others. Additionally, some people opt for a breed with reduced energy levels. Although there are numerous factors to take into account, these are some of the more common factors how to choose dog breed:

Age’s Dog

Age of the Dog Age can be a major factor in choosing the best dog for you. If you have young toddlers in your home, a mature dog that won't chew on your kids' toys or other belongings would be a better choice. Choosing an adult dog has another benefit in that breeders and rescues may be able to inform you how the dog gets along with kids.

In light of this, some families decide to adopt a young puppy that they may raise alongside their child. This arrangement can be just as effective as acquiring a mature dog with obedience training.

The energy level of a dog also depends on its age. A senior dog is not the best choice for you if you're seeking a jogging buddy. However, an older dog can be a better option if you're searching for one that is more calm.

Dog with Shedding and Coat Length Next to Vacuum

Certain types of fur may cause special sensitivity in some family members. There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog since the allergen is in the saliva, not the coat, yet long-haired dogs might aggravate some allergies.

Typically, allergies do not result in hair loss. It may just be housework. You could choose a dog with short hair if you want to avoid having to go around with a vacuum twice a day. Dogs with wire hair tend to shed less than those with silky hair and longer coats tend to shed more than those with shorter coats.

Dog Size

Size for a dog refers to both its height and weight. Families with tiny apartments might think about getting a smaller dog. Picking a huge breed might be risky if you have young children. While certain breeds, such as Mastiffs, may be elegant and kind to youngsters, they can also easily knock over tiny children since they are unaware of their enormous size.

Small breeds that have been taught for herding or ratting may also snap at a child's heels in an effort to herd them like sheep. The majority of the time, this behavior is trainable. Therefore, it shouldn't be an excuse to disregard a breed.

Activity Level

Apartment-dwelling families are not the best candidates for high-energy dogs unless the owners are committed to giving them enough exercise. Without a way to release their excess energy, a high-energy dog is prone to become restless and destructive.

Many families go out with the intention of achieving this aim but end up failing worthwhile to take into account an older dog of the desired breed if your family has its heart set on a certain breed.

Breeds of Working Dogs

Working dog breeds tend to have high amounts of energy. One of the categories used by the AKC is working dog breeds. Other categories include miscellaneous, herding, hound, terrier, toy, non-sporting, and sporting.

Family-focused temperament

Some canines are innately. The loveliness of the Labrador Retriever is what makes it so popular. Some dogs, nevertheless, don't get along with kids as well. An Alaskan Malamute is bred for outdoor labor and is not very pleased spending time with a family indoors.

This is not to say that all Labradors are bad around kids, nor is it to say that all Alaskan Malamutes are good around kids. However, in general, some breeds get along better with families with young children than others.

Intelligent and Trainable Dog

If you want your dog to go for walks with you, teach it to heel. You must be aware that a dog must be intelligent enough to be trained to catch a frisbee if you want it to do so. As a result, in many circumstances, a dog's trainability increases with intelligence. However, some dogs are almost too smart for their own good. Because of this, they are obstinate and difficult to teach.


Do you have the leisure time needed to effectively train a puppy? Will you be able to give an energetic dog the lengthy walks and exercise they require? Or do you require a senior dog who is more independent and can manage being left alone throughout the day?


If you purchase a dog from a breeder, you will be aware of the dog's history. The past can be murkier if you're adopting from a shelter for animals. Dogs' personalities can be influenced by events in their past, including abandonment or even cruelty. But even if they have a troubled past, they might still be the ideal dog for you if you're ready to put in the effort.


Ask for a temporary living arrangement if you aren't sure if a dog is the suitable pet for you. Adopting rather than purchasing from a breeder may make this process simpler. You could be able to foster a dog, or possibly multiple dogs, for an extended length of time thanks to a shelter. This will offer you the opportunity to get to know your prospective pet and see whether it will fit in well with your household, family, and lifestyle. Additionally, in the event that you are unable to retain the dog you adopt, you should pick a shelter with a fair return policy. Hope some steps on how to choose a dog breed will be useful to you.

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