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How To Choose The Right Cat Bed

By Jane SmithLast update: 2023-02-07

According to the cat's sleep, it usually sleeps from 16 to 20 hours a day. To prevent your cat from sleeping all day in a bed, couch, or other piece of furniture, you may want to purchase a cat bed. Also, to choose

To make the cat bed more interesting, you should consider the material, size and style of the bed. Besides that, you want to try a lot of extras, like a heated bed or a parking spot. Make sure your cat's bed is in the desired location to use their new bed. So how to choose the right cat bed, let's find out the information below.

1. Bed Material

1.1 Choosing a cat bed

You should have a bed made from natural fabrics. Natural fabrics, like cotton, wool, or feathers, will provide comfort to your cat. These fabrics are also less likely to cause allergies to cats.

1.2 Washable materials

Cat beds can be covered with fur, fleas, and even bacteria. Therefore, you can wash the bed periodically. Choose a bed with removable and washable covers. In that case, you can put the entire bed in the washing machine. However, the label should be read for washing instructions.

1.3 Avoid beds with tassels and beads

Some beds will be decorated with tassels and beads. While they can attract pets and make them happy, they can be dangerous to pets. You certainly don't want the cat to swallow any loose fabrics or beads. Stick to a uniform bed with no removable parts. On the other hand, you can also add style by choosing a color or pattern that matches your home decor.

2. Style and Size

2.1 Measuring the length of the cat

You should choose the right bed for the size of the cat. Use a tape measure and measure the cat from head to tail. Then add a few inches. Then choose a bed that fits this measurement. To ensure that the bed is cozy but not too cramped.

2.2 Consider the cup bed

Cup-style cat beds are usually round in shape and have side walls for extra cat comfort. This type of bed is perfect for a cat who likes to sleep curled up in a ball.

2.3 Cave-style cat bed

Some cats like to sleep in sheltered places. Spend most of the day hiding under furniture. In this case, a cave bed should be tried. These beds will provide some covering so your cat can sleep inside a burrow-like structure.

2.4 Consider bed height

Some cat beds will have high sides to make the cat more comfortable. If you have a kitten or an older cat with mobility problems, make sure the cat can easily get in and out of the bed. Buy a bed that has a low side so cats can get in easily.

3. Extra Features

3.1 Combining cat tree with a perch

You may want to consider a cat tree that includes a scratching post as well as a sleeping bean. The cat may enjoy resting on a tall perch so it has a great view of its surroundings. This type of bed also helps cats have fun and exercise.

The cat tree is best suited for young and active cats. Therefore, you should consider the weight of the cat and make sure that the pole can support the cat.

3.2 Consider a heated bed

You can buy a cat bed that comes with a matching heating element inside the bed. The beds are ideal if you live in a cold climate or if your cat suffers from joint pain and arthritis. Cats love to be warm, so a heated bed can be an ideal choice for cats.

3.3 Price considerations

The most important thing that many clients need to pay attention to is the budget. The price of a cat bed can range from a relatively inexpensive pad to a luxurious cat tree with a place to park. Each type of bed:[7]

Standard cat bed: $20-$50

Cat heating bed: $50-$100

Cat tree or cat apartment: $100 or more

4. Positioning the bed in the house

4.1 Place the bed where the cat likes to sleep

If you want your cat to use a cat bed instead of spending the day lounging on furniture, place the bed in an area where the cat already likes to sleep. This can cause cats to use their own beds.

4.2 Place the bed in a sunny place

Cats love to be warm, so try placing your cat's bed in a sunny spot. Try placing the bed in a room with lots of natural light and windows.

4.3 Installing the perch safely

Some cats like to see their surroundings. Make sure to place your cat's bed in a stable location, like the floor. If placing it on a high, windowsill, make sure the bottom is firmly fixed so it doesn't slip. Cat beds should not be placed on a tall perch.

5. Types of cat beds

Because cats love to curl up and sleep wherever they can, a wide variety of cat beds are covered below.


This is a cat bed with a soft and comfortable mattress. There are different fillers for this type of cat bed - like fleece or multi-fiber polyester.


This modern style of cat bed is gaining popularity. Cats seem to love curling up in these egg-shaped shells, which are made of hard plastic or fabric and lined with something soft and cozy.

Window pole

If your cat likes to sleep in any sunlight and should place her bed in front of the scene, a window cat bed is the best bed for cats. These cat beds are mounted like poles on the windows and allow the cat to sleep in his favorite position.

Cat bed style furniture

Usually cat beds come in many shapes and sizes. You can also buy cat beds, tree cat beds, castle cat beds, bed style cat beds - the list goes on. Furthermore, some cat towers are now equipped with platforms on each level so that cats can sleep comfortably. These beds are a good choice for pampering cats.

Based on the age of the cat to choose a bed for the cat

Older cats are also unable to jump because the joints are sore and the body is stiffer. In that case, a raised cat bed is not a good idea, so will exclude window boxes or cat beds with cat towers from the list. And don't let kittens lie on beds with lots of strings or beads because they can chew and swallow these, which is extremely dangerous.

6. Heating

If you live in a place where the weather can be cold and winter can be uncomfortable, consider buying a heated cat bed. This will make cuddling hours more comfortable and won't have to worry about them getting cold. This is especially important for older cats (whose joints are stiff and affected by colds) and cats with thin or hairless fur.

7. Durability

The durability of the bed is based on the material you choose for the bed. If you're investing in an interior cat bed, make sure the structure is sturdy and unlikely to collapse with the kittens in it. This is especially important for window perch beds, where there can be a significant drop to the floor.

8. Easy to clean

You should invest in a bed that can be easily cleaned; Don't want to change the cat's bed too often, but want the cat to sleep in a clean space. Most cat beds are machine washable like interior beds, with fabric that can be replaced or removed for washing.


Through the above information, you must have a specific view of how to choose the right cat bed. So look to your cat for guidance - and you're bound to make the right choice. Furthermore, also look specifically at finishing up the perfect cat bed.

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