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Ideas For Indoor Cat House

By Jane SmithLast update: 2024-07-10

Cat houses can always stun pet owners with their interesting or unique looks. Either way, building or buying cat houses for your kittens should never be off your to-do list. If you are going to take on a DIY project, regarding this aspect or anything similar, here is a list of the 14 coolest ideas for indoor cat houses. Check them out now and start making one for your kitty!

The Classic Indoor Cat House

This is pretty much the prioritized choice of every parent when they adopt a kitty for the first time. It does not require much effort but still guarantees warmth, comfort, and coziness for your cat. We also adore the classic indoor cat house (aka cat box) for its ease of installation. Adding to that, a DIY project of such a cat house can bring a lot of joy to cat owners, even when they are not the best craftsmen. So, we don't see a reason not to try out the traditional cat box for your kitty.

The Industrial Cat House

Here is another simple but functional choice to consider when it comes to indoor cat house ideas. If you are getting into an industrial cat house, your cat can use it indoors and outdoors because the house itself is muchly solid and weather-tolerant. However, should you use it as an outdoor cat house, don't forget to choose a safe spot and set up its interior properly.

The T-Shirt Tent

T-Shirt tents are one of the hottest searches when it gets down to "Ideas for indoor cat house". The reasons behind this fact are understandable since these houses are low-budget and easy to build. You can either use an old cardboard box or some tent frame. Then add a T-shirt to it, which is no longer in use. There you have a nice cat house for indoor usage. In case your kitty stays in this tent, we suggest that installing some playful toys can be a flex. Or else, feel free to decorate the tent as you wish and make sure your cat feels comfortable.

The Conventional Tent for Cats

Cats adore private spots, and it is no doubt that tents are perfect for indoor house ideas. Tents are easily purchased via Ecommerce websites, including Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Either purchasing or making one will get you a fun experience, especially when you are a first-hand cat parent. If you love easy-making projects, you can refer to our earlier suggestion, which is making a T-shirt tent. In the opposite situation as you don't take the shortcut, let your creativity run wild!

The Cat Tree House

Cat tree houses are the favorite of many parents at any time, not just in 2023. These houses can be made or purchased from online websites and offline pet supplies. The purchase may be expensive for some shoppers because the price range for a high-quality item of this category should vary from 30 dollars to 150 dollars, depending on how complex it is constructed.

Believe it or not, a cat tree house can totally come from cardboard and materials around the house. Therefore, should your budget run low, making a tree house for your bestie is a good idea, isn't it?

The Cave House

This cute cave house for your kitty would be a marvelous gift for any occasion. Such a house type is advised to purchase because the details can trigger you, in case you are not a handy craftsman. Nonetheless, getting back to our main idea here, which is the cave house, you can freely decide what material, shape, and color for your pet. Among these sections, it is possible to go for an eco-friendly material and get along with the sustainability spirit nowadays.

The Milk Box House for Cats

The 7th idea is certainly a good one for anyone looking for innovation, regarding cat house ideas. The Milk box for kittens is just one small branch as we get down to these types of cat housing. Feel free to maneuver any innovation or unique ideas inspired by the milk box suggestion.

The Foldable Cat House

One more interesting idea for an indoor cat house is the foldable one. There are numerous ways to construct this house, or you can simply buy them from the most accessible pet supply. The foldable houses make it easy to carry for trips or just around the house. Also, isn't this one a one-of-a-kind cat house idea?

The Heated Cat House

A heated cat house can look like any other type, except for its heating system inserted inside. For this house kind, you need to purchase a heating system as an additional purchase. The additional purchase should follow your budget limits, evidently. Don't forget to ensure the safety in use for your pet as well.

The Rooftop House for Cats

How can the rooftop house miss out on our list of the coolest indoor cat house ideas? Rooftop houses are pretty cute and versatile for any setting. That's one of the reasons why we suggest a rooftop house for cats. However, the most significant reason we suggest this house type should refer to its ease of installation and storage.

The Botanical Cat House

Botanical houses are always on any list of pet house ideas, including kittens. Botanical stayings are easy to decorate because you just have to add plants properly. These plants can be a decorator around the house as well if you want to. In case you want to go with the real plants, why wait? The only concern then should be taking care of the plants finely.

The Doll House

Just like what it is called, the doll house makes quite a fun idea while you build a cat house. It is not the most private spot for your kitty, so make sure your bestie has been used to having people around her.

A small note on this cat house idea is that it should only come in use in the summer, not freezing winter days.

The Christmas Cat House

The holiday season comes every year, and why not make your cat an adorable and festive indoor house. Such a house will be great for winter days, and they make excellent ornaments in the house. The making of a Christmas cat house is undoubtedly challenging, but it will definitely be unforgettable.

The Cat Peach House

The peach house is our last recommendation for indoor cat house ideas in 2023 that you may want to save in. Houses like this are cute, warm, and cozy. They are surely one of the best gifts ever you can get for your cat. The house will look even cuter if you have some background settings.

The Bottom Line

That's pretty much the end of our list, in terms of the 14 ideas for indoor cat houses. Don't forget to save them back and choose one ideal house for your best friend. Also, we have so many more cool topics for pets in store. Hence, make sure to follow us and stay updated with the latest tips and ideas!

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