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How Cats See Humans

By Jane SmithLast update: 2024-04-20

People are probably used to having dogs, and dogs are almost a companion for them. It seems that some people forget that cats are also quite close to humans. You need to understand that cats communicate differently than dogs and people, but as you get to know the cat's world better, we're sure you'll know how to show that you love it. At the same time, you will also be able to recognize and accept the affection of cats when they show affection to you, so how cats see humans.

1. Show your love for the cat

1.1 Stroking the cat from head to tail

How Cats See Humans

Cats often like to rub themselves against the owner from nose to tail to show affection and "claim" for the owner. Stroking the cat from head to back to tail shows the cat that you are happy to be loved and show affection to the cat.

Moreover, you can also gently scratch behind the cat's ears or under the chin, which are places cats often like to be petted.

1.2 Play with cats and interactive toys

Cats love to show their hunting instincts, but domestic cats have a hard time doing this. Therefore, you should buy some interactive toys that cats can chase and spend time playing with them every day to show that you love cats.

Feather toys, robo-mouses, balls with bells inside, cat wands, and feather toys are among the best toys for interaction.

1.3 Provide a few comfortable beds for the cat to nap

How Cats See Humans

You need to notice that cats love to sleep. Give your cat a comfy bed in every room you frequent in the house to show your cat that you love him and want him to be comfortable everywhere in the house.

Moreover, you can place the bed on a cat scratch pole so that it is high and has a panoramic view of the room. Cats like to stay high up so they can see their surroundings and feel more secure. The cat will also appreciate the scratching post to stretch its claws.

1.4 Give the cat a cardboard box or cat's den to hide in

How Cats See Humans

Cats like to hide inside or under things because they feel more secure and can observe what's going on outside. Punch a hole in a cardboard box to make a homemade burrow or buy a den or cat house at a pet store. Put it in the room where you spend a lot of time so that the cat will learn to love it. Build a fabric cat den designed for cats that your cat can crawl into to hide and sleep.

1.5 Hug the cat and let it sleep

You don't have to share a bed with your cat if you don't want to, but sleeping and hugging your cat is a great way to show that you love it. Take a nap on the couch once in a while when you need a nap, and let the cat curl up with you if it wants to.

Cats sleep with their owners when they are completely comfortable and know that their owners love them.

Give your cat a gentle scratch behind the cat's ears or pet it from head to tail as it snuggles up to you.

1.6 Give the cat snacks and catnip

How Cats See Humans

You should find treats that your cat loves or buy some catnip. Reward your cats while bonding through petting or during playtime, or feed them catnip during playtime so they can roll around.

At the same time, you should also limit catnip to about once a week so as not to lose its effects on the cat. On the other hand, you can also feed your cat about 10% of his diet, as long as he doesn't have weight problems.

2. Feel the cat's affection

2.1 Put a blanket like a blanket between you and the cat when it lunges at you

Cats will start pawing at your feet, like kneading dough, to show affection when they're comfortable with you. So you should put something soft between the cat's claws and you to avoid scratching, but still allow the cat to show love.

Cats use this kneading behavior in the wild to stimulate milk production in the mother cat. It is a high form of affection for cats.

2.2 Compliment the cat

Cats show their owners love by bringing something for them; ranging from stuffed toys to animals like mice or frogs. Let the cat give you a gift and say thank you.

Cats are known to be natural predators and in the wild they show affection by sharing the prey they catch with others. This is one of the strongest expressions of love a cat can show to its owner.

Cats will stare into the eyes, blink slowly, and bump their heads to show off. Stare into the cat's eyes and respond to blinking and head bumping to show the cat that you acknowledge the cat's affection and love it back.

Slow blinks are like a loving kiss in the cat world.

2.4 Don't get angry when the cat playfully bites you

Cats use small bites to show affection to other cats and people.

Cats have tougher skin than humans, so they don't understand that sometimes their gentle bites can hurt a little.

2.5 Give your cat space and be patient

Cats are independent creatures that do things in their own time and on their own terms. Give your cat time to get used to and show affection. You can encourage behaviors by rewarding your cat with treats when she does something she enjoys.

3. Cats are a bit color blind

Cats are actually not color blind in the sense that they see black, white, and gray clearly.

However, they have difficulty picking certain colors in the spectrum, especially shades like reds, pinks, browns, and oranges. This color blindness is caused by the lack of "cones" in their eyes, approximately 1/10 the number of cones.

Even if you are standing at a distance and the color of your clothes is difficult to distinguish from the clothes behind, the cat may not realize you are there at first.

4. Cats tend to be nearsighted

In terms of physical distance, what cats see is different from what we see.

We can see a squirrel or a car at 100 to 200 feet away, which would seem like nothing more than a blur to a cat, if the subject in the background isn't moving at all.

Cats can pick up the same details as you, just 20 feet away.

These feline myopias also complicate the cat's ability to see distant slow-moving objects or animals. In terms of obvious comparisons, humans have 20/20 vision and flying cats are closer to 20/100.

Often your cat may not notice we're moving if it's on the opposite side of the room or may see only a little blur.

5. Cats Have Incredible Vision in Night

How Cats See Humans

While cats are nocturnal, their night vision also has limitations – they can see one-sixth the amount of light a human needs. This night vision ability comes from the cat's curved cornea and the ability to open the eyes wide to take advantage of any nearby light.

Often this night vision comes from the large number of rods that cats have in their eyes, a feature that also helps cats perceive rapid movements in dim light. So, while they may not have noticed the cat napping on the floor in the middle of the night, chances are they did.


In nutshell, the best way to understand how cats "see" you is to read their behavior. When a cat rubs against you, brings you its favorite toys, snuggles with you for a nap, and purrs when petting, it considers you its owner. Through the sharing above how cats see humans. We hope you will have a different view of your pet.

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