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How To Choose A Pet Sofa For The Living Room

By Jane SmithLast update: 2023-08-17

You want your pets to enjoy all the joy in life, you want to cherish them like family members, you can invest in some pet-related items, such as a pet sofa for the living room. It is great to support pets that have a place to rest and play on it.

However, the choice of fabrics and furniture is important as they must be pet-friendly that can withstand hair, claws, and the inevitable accidents. Please refer to the suggestions below that we share to know how to choose a pet sofa for the living room.

1. Measuring high rub count

Some manufacturers test the number of times the pet rubs on the sofa to ensure the sofa's durability. Rub twice is the reciprocating movement made on the fabric surface. After that, the manufacturer used the machine to perform "scrub twice" on the sofa, count them, and note when the fabric starts to wear. If the number of rubbing times, the more durable material. Almost all pet owners should set a minimum target of 45,000 times rubbing the sofa cover fabric so it is considered a friendly pet fabric.

2. Select fabric with stain resistance

You need to pay attention to the drool and chewing bone to the puppy's feet and accidents, there are many factors that can leave stains on the sofa. This is why you should choose anti-stain fabric, which must be labeled as performance fabric (high-strength fabric)

Fabrics have a popular performance to wrap furniture today, the microfiber is a great choice for pet-friendly fabrics because it's easy to clean, anti-fouling, and soft for both people and pets.

But today you can find the performance fabric version of velvet and linen.

3. How to choose detachable cushion or slip shell

If you want a good cleaning feature, a covered sofa, or a detachable cushion cover. Every time the structure is torn, dirty occurs, you can simply extract the cushion or remove the cover and throw it into the laundry.

4. Consider the textile section

When you search for pets-friendly couples, not only material is an important issue, but the consideration of weaving materials is no less.

If a pets-friendly couch, find tight textile fabrics, less likely to attract and attach to pet feathers. However, some woven fabrics from Nubbier can act as patches for pet fur. Fake suede and suede brands are also amazing types of textiles for cat-raising people; Because it's hard to scratch this wrap.

For velvet, synthesis is easy to clean hair, while cotton or silk fabric is easier to scratch and olives.

5. Go for leather with a patina

The skin is considered the most durable material today, a great choice for a pet-friendly sofa. Its use time is very good and can also easily wipe down to clean the hair, small stains, and mud.

But there are still some skin types with higher durability than other skin types. Some skin types have not been processed, without dyes or finishing classes should be easily scratched. Choose the labeled skin as "top seed" because they are considered the most durable.

6. Fur camouflage with a busy textile or pattern

Currently, some wrap materials are only one tone. Some other types are woven, there are many tones when you look closely there is a whole still-like color when looking remotely. This usually happens with tweed and basket cloth. It is called many tone fabrics and very well in helping to disguise pet fur. It supports not struggling with pets scratching furniture. Some are busy patterns like stripes capable of similar feather camouflage.

7. Combine color chair with pet fur

If you are a worker and don't have time to vacuum daily. Consider choosing the same color sofa with your pet fur color.

This way you can dust not remarkable between vacuum cleaners. If you have a cat with long and white fur, a white sofa. If the dog has a brown short coat, the brown leather sofa will be the choice. Limit to select contrast colors.

8. Do not use fabrics with high motifs if you own a cat

Although you like many motifs on my fabric, the fabrics have a pattern that makes the cat easier to scratch. In addition, they tend to show dogs to wear more clothes than little motifs.

9. Deter scratches cats with sofas on tall, slender legs

You should choose the Leggy sofa style over the styles that sit directly on the floor, the skirt style, or those with short legs. The high and tapered legs, whether wood or metal, can prevent your cat from scratching the bottom of the sofa and keep the sofa from moving with your cat's claws.

10. How to choose a tight or attached mattress

The sofas come with back and seat cushions, meaning you can fluff the cushions behind each time. Then there are tight cushions and more built-in structural attachments.

If you have pets that love to dig into cushions, larger breeds that weigh more than average, or small dogs or cats that like to perch on top of a couch, an attached padded ottoman is great. This saves you from rearranging and highlighting the sofa all the time and keeps the sofa in use for longer.

The downside is that the cushion cannot be removed for washing. At the same time, some sofas have fixed backs and loose seat cushions.

11. How to choose a multi-padded couch to avoid sagging

Usually, sofas with two or three cushions will hold their shape better over time. Bench seats are more likely to sag and show signs of resting position. For multi-padded couches, pets love to hop on and off the sofa or have a special spot on the couch that pets return to over and over again.

You simply flip a cushion or wash/replace it rather than having to replace the entire bench seat.


How to choose a pet sofa for the living room? Above are information and tips for you to choose a pet sofa for living for your pet.

However, you need to thoroughly research the product information and choose an excellent manufacturer.

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